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EVOip GmbH is a Munich and Mannheim based specialist for tailor-made IP process management and Innovation Excellence in corporations. We support our customers in minimizing legal risks, shortening development cycles and reducing long-term costs by avoiding patent litigation through our Engineering Services in combination with outstanding IT-tools.
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Annual patent applications worldwide
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Opposition period for collisions (EP/DE)*

Source: World Intellectual Property Indicators Report 2016, WIPO

*The opposition period belongs to the procedure for granting a patent. This can be the most cost-effective and earliest option to enforce actions against opposing patent rights. After expiry of the opposition period, a finally granted patent can only be invoked in the context of an expensive nullity suit. (see DPMA | EPO)


Does your IP excite your stakeholders?

Do you think of outsourcing tasks to ip professionals?

Do you like to focus more on your IP Work rather than on reading patent documents?

Are your existing services and tools time saving, scalable and reliable?

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Engineering Services

in the field of Intellectual Property

Ideation and Innovation

Facilitation by Patent Engineers

Tailored Services

for our clients

Patent Monitoring

with Executive Summaries of patents

Patent search

by german Patent Engineers


with great IP Players

About us

Hannover Messe


Even of young age as a company, we feel very pleased that begin of 2016 we got awarded and sponsored by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) as young innovative Enterprise to represent germany’s young tech companies at the international trade fair “Hannover Messe” 2016.

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To the point

Our patent evaluations are unique on the market. As a management summary for patents, they allow decision makers and development managers to provide a reliable picture of a patent situation and to make targeted decisions. In the field of research and development (R&D) our customers were able to speedup development cycles up to 78% through the use of EVOip patent summaries and moderated innovation workshops.

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Patent Summary Patent Abstract Patent Overview
Intellectual Property Made in Germany

Made in Germany

We are german based and trained patent engineers and natural scientists backed by a strong network of international experts.


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Ilse Aigner


Large companies are often faster and more cost-efficient in utilising innovative start-ups, rather than building own departments. 

Ilse Aigner (Deputy Minister-President of Bavaria and Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs) to EVOip in 2016

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Service Portfolio

IP Management and Strategy

  • Patent information processing & summarisation

  • Hosted IP Workshops*

    * in cooperation with a law firm

  • IP Collaboration Tools for internal teams and external contractors

  • Executive Board for IP Management

International Patent Search

  • Prior Art Search

  • Patentability Search

  • Freedom-to-Operate Search

  • Nullity Search

  • Non-English Search

Analysis of Patentportfolios for

  • Patent Monitoring

  • Product Clearing

Technical Editing and Patent Drawings

  • Technical and Patent Drawings

  • Compliance check for filing

Collision of protection rights or inspiration and technology transfer?

Know-how Transfer of protective rights (R&D)

Patent Innvoation and Management

As a product developer, you will quickly find solutions from existing legally-binding patents or the state of the art. Here, you have to decide which solutions you can use and which legally binding solutions must be evaluated.

Our patent summaries allow for an immense time saving. Furthermore, our IP workflow management allows for a quick and complete view of the situation. Our patent summaries help you and your development team to solve complex issues quickly and efficiently. To evaluate and to make the right decisions at an early stage.

Our IP workflow management supports you in decision-making and documentation, so you always keep the overview.

Collision of protective rights
(IP Collision)

Patent Monitoring

You have a Intellectual Property Portfolio of 50 or more patents. Every month hundreds of thousands of new patents are published in your relevant IPC classes that could conflict with your IPR.

A situation against which you could defend within the framework of the respective granting procedure without substantial costs. In everyday business you are confonted with a monthly flood of newly published patent information, which however, usualy can not be mastered within limited resources. Resulting in the fact that the deadlines for filing a objection against a newly published patent often expire unchallenged.

We can help you improve your position in the long term and manage risks in a preventive manner by facilitating our patent summaries.

Our technologies at a glance

EVOip® Patent Summaries

Our patent evaluations “Patent Summaries” are the most consistent patent combinations on the market.

● Creation
by qualified IP professionals and experienced patent engineers.
Individual preparation of each document for you..
Reliable expression .
Audience-oriented Design.
● Upon request, with reference to inadequacies and possibilities of attack in the original protection.

In this way, you can quickly grasp the basic principles of a patent, place them in a context, and immediately derive qualified decisions.

IP Workflowmanagement Tool

The online workflow management tool for IP Professionals

● Use Best Practice Methods process to guide you through your process of IPR.
● Manage IP issues easy and measurable.
● Reduction of presence meetings and workshops, as well as outsourcing of the trivial communication into the documentation tool
High Availability 24×7
● Absolute Scalability (from 10 to 10,000 employees)

They ensure an efficient and effective management of their IP documents at all times.

Notarization Platform for trade secrets and defensive publishing

The Blockchain way of proving use of an invention and conveniently registering inventions on daily basis.

● Register an invention and Prove of use to generate strong arguments in legal disputes.
● No Upload of files are required.
● No access for third parties by design and based on blockchain technology.
● No additional software needed.

Easy and affordable way to register documents secretly.

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