Our Core Values

We give and take challenges

Personal growth starts where the comfort zone ends. The EVOip crew likes to take new challenges – for instance when developing new tailored services for our clients – and our team members give each other opportunities to pursue excellence on a daily basis.

We Pursue Excellence

Every process, task or personal skill has always an ability to be enhanced. We believe in continuous improvement while delivering the service of choice on a daily basis.

We give and take feedback

We are honest and to the point. We are listening to our customers, employees, friends and fans. We welcome and encourage feedback.

We are working together and apart

We are smart enough to work together when its needed, wise enough to share our knowledge and know when to work by yourselfs if beneficial.

We are “goaling” instead of dreaming

We like to change our (IP) world. Dreams are not enough in order to do that. Therefore we are setting attainable goals and challenging visions. Every mountain gets climbed by small and well-chosen steps.

Fullfill your duty and tasks

Greatness comes from persistence. If we are committing to a goal, we are reaching it.

Work is where you are

We encourage remote work in our teams. What matters is that our work is present and creativity is not bound to a desk.


We are fast and flexible to changing circumstances. We consider change as an opportunity for improvement and facilitate Best Practices.