EVOip is a team of IP specialists with combined more than 25 years background in the IP industry. With a strong base in Physics, Engineering and natural sciences we cover the fields of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Software and Med-Tech.

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Patent Search at a glance

Why should a company invest in a patent search done by a IP Professional?

The answer is quite simple and can be structured in following points:

  • receive a comprehensive report, tailored to your needs.
  • search in specialised non-public databases without licensing them.
  • the individual experience of your IP professional allows a more effective and broader range of search.

Each patent search has a specific aim to fulfil and search stategies evolve in a iterative process. Step by step your team of IP professionals takes you through the process and more than 25 years of expertise guarantee highest quality results – made in Germany.

A good patent searcher is characterised by the ability to find and identify the necessary information needed – may it for patentability, Freedom-to-Operate, nullity, opposition proceedings or litigation – and make them neatly processable for succeeding stakeholders.EVOip

EVOip – as a service company for IP professionals is offering you a specialized on-demand service.

Our patent search services

Swift Patent Search for professionals

  • Search in professional databases with a given list of search parameters
  • No search strategy developed by us
  • Just Results report
  • No Analysis of results
  • Fixed Price available


Patent Search and Analyzing ideal for FTO

  • Search in professional databases
  • Tailored Search strategy
  • comprehensive Report for stakeholders
  • Information processing of results
  • legal evaluation through lawyer
  • Patent Summaries


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