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Technical communication is an exchange of information which takes place when a product or service gets produced or changed.The task of a technical editor is to organise and structure all required information for a product or a service.
This information can be internal (technical drawings, stocklist, work schedules, risk analysis, audit reports etc.) or external ones (datasheets, spare parts catalogues, instructions, patents).

Technical communication and editing is a young field of expertise and the outline of the profession established very slightly over the past decades. Historically tasks of a technical editor were typically performed by normal engineers. The consequence out of that was, that the outcome varied in terms of standard and satisfying quality was questionable.

Over the last years higher education institutes reacted on this demand, however, the industry demand for technical editors still outnumbers the supply of qualified technical staff.

Now, why should a company invest in a professional documentary done by a technical editor?

The answer is quite simple and can be structured in following points:

  • it is a valuable service for the customer or user
  • it is a feature of the product or service
  • it underlines the professionality and improves brand recognition

In this the documentary has to fulfill several requirements, which can be – depending on the scope – for instance of a juristic, linguistic, artistic and/or technical nature, to name a few.

A good technical editor is characterized by the ability to condense the necessary information and make them available for the target group.EVOip

For example, a new invention starts with an idea and this idea can be simple or complex. For many people, it can be an effort to retrace this idea within their mind.

The task of a technical editor would it be, to make the information as easy to get as possible – with language, drawings, manuals and more. It could be described as a form of intelligent knowledge management. Becoming more and more state of the art in industry and what you customers expect from quality products and services.
This demand usually gets solved by hiring technical editors or like in our cased is to be assigned to specialised service companies.

EVOip – as a service company for IP professionals – reacted on this demand, and is offering you a specialized on-demand service allowing you to stay focused.

Our Service Range

Compliance check of your existing drawings for filing

  • to guarantee compliance with application requirements of patent offices
  • Fixed Price


Transfer patent drawing out of existing sketches

  • Get Patent Drawings of existing technical drawings
  • Compliance Check
  • Fixed Price or Time and Material Price


Full technical document- tation for a product.

  • extensive description of dedicated product or service
  • incl. Drawings
  • On Demand
  • Time and Material Price


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