In many cases our service orientation led to developing new technolgies for our clients.EVOip - Engineering Services for IP

Our technologies at a glance

"Patent Summaries"

Our patent evaluations “Patent Summaries” are the most consistent patent combinations on the market.

● Creation
by qualified IP professionals and experienced patent engineers.
Individual preparation of each document for you..
Reliable expression .
Audience-oriented Design.
● Upon request, with reference to inadequacies and possibilities of attack in the original protection.

In this way, you can quickly grasp the basic principles of a patent, place them in a context, and immediately derive qualified decisions.

IP Workflowmanagement
"Patent Flow"

The online workflow management tool for IP Professionals

● Use Best Practice Methods process to guide you through your process of IPR.
● Manage IP issues easy and measurable.
Reduction of presence meetings and workshops, as well as outsourcing of the trivial communication into the documentation tool
High Availability 24×7
● Absolute Scalability (from 10 to 10,000 employees)

They ensure an efficient and effective management of their IP documents at all times.

Notarization Platform for trade secrets and defensive publishing

The Blockchain way of proving use of an invention and conveniently registering inventions on daily basis.

● Register an invention and Prove of use to generate strong arguments in legal disputes.
● Disclose files privately on a public database and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) when required.
● Strong cryptographical layer to maintain files private.
● No access for third parties by design and based on blockchain technology.
● No additional software needed.
● Latest edge of blockchain technology.

Easy and affordable way to register documents secretly.

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