Notarization Platform for defensive publishing

Blockchain technology provides a notarization platform for registering inventions or the proof of use without sharing them with third parties. We call it state-of-the-art defensive publishing. With the highest level of privacy and provability through Blockchain technology and by design.EVOip - Engineering Services for IP

Notarization Platform for trade secrets and defensive publishing

The Blockchain way of proving use of an invention and conveniently registering inventions on daily basis.

● Register an invention and Prove of use to generate strong arguments in legal disputes.
● Disclose files privately on a public database and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) when required.
● Strong cryptographical layer to maintain files private.
● No access for third parties by design and based on blockchain technology.
● No additional software needed.
● Latest edge of blockchain technology.

Easy and affordable way to register documents secretly.

Supported by our Blockchain technology partner Bernstein©.

The Bitcoin blockchain is the perfect registry for both public and private records.
A unique notarization platform: decentralized, uncensorable, permissionless, resilient.


    The blockchain based protocol – namely Bernstein® – for notarizing inventions allows innovators to quickly prove existence, integrity and ownership of their creations.

    It enables companies and research labs to:
    ⇒ register inventions at a very early stage
    ⇒ link subsequent updates and proofs of use
    ⇒ optionally disclose them on a public database and IPFS


    Notarizing an invention on the blockchain is as easy as uploading a bunch of files. Bernstein protcoll will take care of encrypting them locally and registering a cryptographic fingerprint on the blockchain.

    And all you need is just a browser. Nothing to install, no software or extensions. Bernstein is a regular web app that runs in any modern browser. With this process all your data, will stay your data, as it never leaves your system. Solely a cryptographic fingerprint is transmitted which allows no reconstruction of your data.



    All information and documents that a user submits and uploads to Bernstein will remain perfectly private thanks to a strong cryptographic layer.

    Bernstein® has a unique experience in browser cryptography dating back to 2007. Making use of the most advanced Web Crypto API to build a web application that knows nothing about its users’ data.

    Therefore Bernstein is a new kind of notary service that completely ignores the digital assets it certifies.


    Every invention or proof of use will get its blockchain certificate that can prove existence, integrity and ownership. This certificate is valid worldwide because it’s not guaranteed by any central authority, but by math.

    The certificate can be independently verified by any third party without any involvement of Bernstein itself thanks to decentralized nature of Bernstein registration protocol.

    A Bernstein certificate is much more than just a simple receipt since it’s cryptographically signed by you and it can be used to transfer IP assets to a new owner.

Please note: Notarizing a document through blockchain does not make it public! The blockchain will only contain its cryptographic fingerprint.